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Clutches and gearboxes

2017 - 02 - 27

Mechanically and hydraulically actuated over-centre clutches are available in two mounting styles, speed increasing or decreasing gearboxes, oil bath clutches.

– ‘BD’ series clutches for close couple to diesel engines with SAE style flywheel facility.

– ‘BDS’ for independent, in-line arrangements, capable of accepting high radial loads and transmitting powers of up to 850 kW as standard. Versions are also available to close couple hydraulic pumps to the clutch output shaft.

– ‘RM’ version gearboxes are specifically designed for close coupling to industrial diesel engines and are available in either speed increasing or speed reducing format.

Gearboxes can be supplied with output shaft either same or opposite rotation to input shaft. Input to the gearbox can be made either by rigid/flexible coupling or via a ‘BD’ series clutch.

Oil Bath Clutches are free standing clutches of the multiple plate, oil bath type. These clutches are particularly suited to arduous applications and are capable of withstanding high radial loads. The PFI 60 and PFI 120 are manufactured with input and output shafts. The PFI 60P and PFI 120P are intended for hydraulic pump direct connection with the same pump adaptor flanges and couplings as on AM 230 – 450 pump drives, which means the possibility to fit a large number of pumps with standard components.